Consider yourself lucky

It's not easy following your dreams, but you can if you really want to. I have lived in Alaska for 5 years now, and soon, very soon (hopefully) I will be moving to a different state. I am starting a new life over here, across the ocean far away from my original home. It's always hard to decide to move somewhere else, let alone to a different country, but sometimes you have to do what feels best for you. I consider myself very lucky, to be where I am today. The challenges and rough journeys I have taken has only made me stronger, or so I'd like to think. 

I consider myself lucky to live in the largest state in the US, to watch the largest mountain in the US from work, to have seen the northern lights so many times that I can't even keep a count of it, endless summer days in the field, being able to go to Denali national park for the day and lots of other stuff too of course. 

Right now I am happy that spring is on its way....well slowly.