The traveling kind?


Adventure Tuesday


    I have been so busy lately, so I actually haven't been able to update you guys as much as I would like to, but I'll try my best. I also do try to have an English and Swedish section for my blogpost so if you want to read any of the recent blogposts in Swedish check back in a few weeks and I will make sure all of them have a Swedish part. We have been traveling the past couple of days so I'll share some Iphone pictures of my recent trip with you! I will most likely write some more and longer posts about this past trip, and also the Colorado trip so stay tuned!


Old Friends are the Best of Friends?

    We all traveled down to Florida to see one of W's best friends get married. W was a groomsman together with two other long-term friends/best friends (in my opinion the long-term friends are usually the best of friends). We flew into New Orleans and then drove through a total of four states (6 states if you include Wisconsin and Illinois which was the start of our trip). New Orleans is in Louisiana, after that we have Mississippi, then Alabama and finally Florida!


Tears, Laughter and Happiness

    I have never (at least I can't remember) seen such white sand as I did in Florida. We had such a great time. Building on our friendship, well the ladies, laughing about old memories and new memories, crying because of lost friends (The boys lost a dear friend back in March who was also suppose to be a part of the wedding party), pouring out a beer in the ocean for him, promising to always meet at least once a year, buying a half box of oysters and then shucking them and consume them together with Prosecco, whiskey, beer and key lime pie, adventuring out on the beach in pitch black condition to stargaze, witnessing a beautiful wedding on the beach in the white sand, seeing the boys come out to some Bob Marley music at the wedding, and just having a wonderful time! I would call that a great weekend. 


    Have you guys done any adventuring or traveling lately?