Get back up on the Horse

    I haven't been writing in a long time, but figured that if you get thrown off the horse you better get back up on it. It is always better to try and go back to normal routines after something has happened. There is so much light and love in this world too, not only darkness. 



    I have seen a lot of other people writing about other blogs or Instagram accounts they follow, and I always love to read those posts. There are so many inspiring people in this world on so many different levels, so it would be a shame to not try and share the works of these people. I love seeing images of nature, woodwork, yarn-work and drawings, and also home design but the cabin in the woods or old house type of design.


My Favorites   

    Below are some of my (many) inspiring Instagram accounts, ok I could write a blogpost about this once a week probably and still wouldn't come close to all the people I get inspired by on a daily basis. 

Dreamy Nature Shots


Inspiring People (a life I would like to have sometimes)

Design and Art


    As you can see, there are many many inspiring people in this world. Do you have any favorite of your own that you think I should know about?