Something is in the air...

Breaking Records

    A couple of days ago Fairbanks broke yet another record. This Year is really turning out to be some kind of new record year when it comes to long-term monitoring. On May 2nd Fairbanks measured birch pollen at 4290 grains per cubic meter of air. Tanana Valley Clinic has this neat webpage where you can se the daily counts of all the different pollen counts. Now, to put that number in perspective, 175 grains per cubic meter of air is considered high...

    I for once didn't actually notice that there was a big pollen day, and I figured that I am probably more sensitive to one of the other pollen contributors. Today Birch, Spruce and Alder has been high so my guess is that I am either sensitive to Spruce or Alder. 


    When I was googling away I came across an old article about tree pollen, and it showed the general order of the different tree species and their pollen in the Boreal Forest, which I thought was pretty neat. 

    I really wanted to take a picture of the pollen I saw flying around in the air yesterday evening, but didn't really succeed, so I took a picture of my car instead.

    How is the pollen where you guys are at? Some webpages says that Fairbanks broke the world record for birch pollen on May 2nd, but then one page is saying that Denmark had the previous record and another one says Sweden, so I am not sure about that. What I do know is that we did at least break the record for Fairbanks itself.