Moving alone

Moving time

Well, you know the feeling when you are moving, it finally struck me. I am kind of panicking. How much fits in a car? Also, I do not want to put everything in the car. I am not bringing any furniture, only clothes and some items, which seem to be adding up. I have slowly been moving the past year, and when W came up this March he brought back a whole suitcase of my stuff. How much stuff can you own?? Completely crazy. Luckily I have managed to get almost all of my furniture sold! Success for me. This mean we have some gas money for the ride. And I don't think we will have to throw away or give away too much. I would say I have been pretty good. I also realized that I have to clean out my office. 

Right now we have such a nice weather, sunny and 79℉, YES 79℉ (26℃)!! can you believe? It is suppose to be even warmer tomorrow. On Sunday my plan is to go into the park (Denali National Park), my last adventure i Alaska, but the forecast calls for rain :/ . My plan for tomorrow is to go and get water and then finishing up cleaning.

As I wrote in my previous post we have a lot of pollen in the air, not as much as May 2nd, but still a lot. My car is so covered with pollen, it's actually kind of crazy, don't think I have ever seen it quite like that. Apparently mold values are really high too right now. Birch and Alder are also pretty high. 

Here are some pictures from the past couple of weeks.

Posted on May 14, 2016 and filed under Alaska, Cabin Life, Nature.