Raspberry picking

    The other week we went raspberry picking. I had been looking at "U pick" farms at the beginning of the summer when I just moved here. We kind of forgot about it but remembered it kind of around peak raspberry season, which was good. The farm was really close to Madison so it didn't take long to get there at all.


    It was raining in the morning and maybe that scared everyone off? Either way there were not that many people at the place we went to, but plenty of raspberries. They had two different kinds, the regular reddish ones and also the golden ones. I didn't like the golden ones and we ended up picking mostly red ones.


    My goal was to make jam, but time flies when you have fun and we quickly decided to freeze them when we got home. I tried a new trick where you put the berries (or anything else you want to freeze) in a ziplock bag and then you close it almost all the way, slowly put it in a water bath and it will automatically vacuum seal for you. pretty effective. 


    My goal is to make mint raspberry jam sometime soon, do you have any good recipe?