Beauty on Water?


Flashback Friday

    Well, I think it's time to do a flashback Friday from my hometown, and home country or what do you think?


Stockholm Archipelago

    Last time I was back in Sweden was in April 2013, so that is quite some time ago. I grew up in Stockholm and of course there are many things I miss about Sweden and Stockholm, but there are also a lot of things I don't miss about Sweden and Stockholm. In April 2013 I finally took W with me to Sweden, he's been studying in Finland before so it wasn't completely new to him to go to a Scandinavian country. I figured that one of the best ways to showcase Stockholm would be to go on one of the many boats. We picked one that was combined with a lunch buffet, so you could eat and watch the beauty of Stockholm and it's surroundings at the same time. What a concept :)


Beauty on Water?

    Of course I am probably biased when I say that I believe Stockholm really is beauty on water, but that's okey. Just looking at these pictures of the many different islands in the archipelago makes me miss Stockholm right now. If you ever bring someone from abroad over to Sweden and Stockholm you have to go on one of these boat trips. Seeing the many different but also beautiful houses along the way, and watch the different communities on the islands and along the way develop is such nice experience if you never seen anything like it before. 


    Isn't it beautiful? Stockholm has a special place in my heart of course. One of the things I really missed while living in Fairbanks, AK was of course all the water. Here in Madison and Wisconsin we do have the many lakes to make up for part of that, but it's still not the same at all. 


    Happy Friday to you guys!