The World is at Your Fingertips

White Mountains, Alaska


Adventure Tuesday

Our life is our greatest adventure

    I often stop and think about how lucky I feel. Sure, there are times when I feel sad and lonely, because living in a different country does affect you in some way. But then I think about everything I get to experience over here, everything I get to see. Obviously I have my family on this side of the ocean now too which helps a lot. It's like a balance between your past, present and future. Sacrifice does come into play there too a lot, or is it a sacrifice, or just a way of life, a decision? I have seen so much, so many places that are on a lot of peoples bucketlists, and yet I crave more. I want to see more, I want to be in nature all the time. 


Cross-country skiing in Yellowstone National Park



    I can't wait to go on another adventure, even though we have been traveling quite a bit lately. Every time we go somewhere and see new and cool places I always fall back on Alaska and Montana. Who knows where we will move in the future, it probably wont be Alaska, but I keep comparing every place to Alaska and Montana. Those two states are the heart of this country to me, that is where I can see myself settle down and adventure on. 



    Not too long ago we went to Colorado, only for a few days, but we did do some adventuring there too of course.


Hiking in Colorado

    Even though we had only gotten a few hours sleep, got on a plane and then drove for four hours we still managed to get out for a hike. 


Colorado, what a beautiful place.


    We definitely want to go back there, and we have a few friends who lives there now so that will most likely happen in the future! Who knows, maybe Colorado will fall into that list of mine too, the possibilities are endless and completely open I suppose.


    If you could pick a place to settle down, where would that be? Or maybe you already found your dream home?