Big Sky Country

The Crazies

Flashback Friday


    They don't call it big sky country for nothing. The past years we have been celebrating Christmas in Bozeman, Montana, and this year is not going to be any different. Two years ago we actually drove, but it was the worst decision ever. The views on the way there was beautiful, but on the way back, terrifying.


    We got caught in a snowstorm, a really bad one. Where every 18-wheeler blew by us and blew up a cloud of fresh snow around us, leaving nothing but a complete whiteout over and over again. Until we decided that this will not work, and we spent a second night on the road, at a motel in the middle of nowhere. Which also happened to be the worst motel in history. The day after was ice cold, but beautiful.


Where are you guys celebrating Christmas?

Happy Christmas everyone!