Hesitating Beauty


New Years Thoughts

    New Years Eve has approached, as it always does once a year. I don't really celebrate birthdays any longer, because I feel like it is yet another day in life, we are only one day older than the day before. Age is just a number, right? In some way I feel the same way about New Years Eve. I am a morning person so I am usually sound asleep once the new year hits. I do love celebrating New Years Eve though, because we eat good food, have nice drinks and so on, oh and dress up. Fireworks was something I was excited about when I was young, or actually I am not sure if I was that excited about them, or if it was mostly my parents who were, either way I don't really care about them either. Last year I celebrated new years alone in Fairbanks, and I was once again sound asleep when the new year hit. I did wake up around midnight though to go to the outhouse, and there was a beautiful aurora show going on.


Nature and rawness    

    What do I want out of 2017? I want more nature adventures. As you all probably know by now, nature has a special place in my heart. How could we ever live without it? I can't imagine living in a city like New York, nor do I usually have any interest in visiting places like that. Don't get me wrong, I love culture and exploring cities, but crowded places and me just doesn't work. I want more raw experiences, I want to feel that I am alive. I want to be cold, so I can appreciate the warmth. I want to get lost so I can appreciate being on the right path. I want to get wet in a rainstorm so I can appreciate staying dry. I want to bushwhack through the untouched forest so I can appreciate walking on a road from time to time.  They say, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, or that hardships build character. 


    What do you want out of 2017?