On the Road


Adventure Tuesday

On the Road

    This Christmas we have been on the road quite a bit. Not traveling super far, but far enough to be on the road for several hours. We went to a forest service cabin just outside Butte, we also went to Yellowstone National Park, and just recently to a ski place called Maverick Mountain. The best things about traveling by car is that you get to see so many different areas, and beautiful nature scenes, Oh and mountains, endless supply of mountains. 


Big Sky Country  

    I feel like I can never get enough of sunsets and mountains. Montana is just so beautiful! Definitely Big Sky Country! If you have never been to Montana before, I definitely recommend you to go. Not only do you have great access to Yellowstone National Park, but also Glacier National Park, along with many National Forests along the way.


    Do you have a favorite country, state or alike that you just can't get enough of?