Flashback Friday

There are more women than men in Alaska, and the saying goes:

"The odds are good, but the goods are odd"


    About five years ago I moved into a dry cabin for the very first time in my life. Across the driveway lived this guy from Montana, a bearded man with a love for ecology and kombucha. Our very first interaction was when he came over to my cabin and offered me some homemade kombucha, and maybe you could say that the rest is history. So, I guess both the odds and the goods were good for me!


Match Made in Heaven?

    Both me and W are interested in fire ecology, mountains, adventure and everything else in between. We enjoy the outdoors, hate crowded places and need our precious adventurous cocktails and homemade 4 course dinners from time to time. W is a foodie, and I am too, so we try to find awesome restaurants as soon as we travel somewhere. We strive to make as much as we can from scratch, and I think we do a good job!


Traveling kind?

    We like to travel to our destinations off season, because we can't handle crowded places. When we drove from Alaska to Wisconsin, and stopped in Banff, we drove into the huge parking lot by Lake Louise. We stopped the car and looked at each other and said, no way, let's leave. We made a quick sandwich with our food and were on the road again within 5 minutes. People might call us crazy but that was just too much for us, we went to another parking lot, and hiked a short distance and had the whole world to ourselves. That is how most of the National Parks work, both in Canada and the US. Fewer people actually venture off the main road. I get that, people are busy, and really don't have time to go somewhere off  the main road, but we do!


How do you feel about crowded and touristy places?