I am a Northern Woman?


Flashback Friday

Northern Lights


    Did you know (well based on my own experience) that this time (February-March) is the time to see Aurora. I glance back at my photo library and realize that I saw Aurora almost every night last year, and previous years were the same. Sometimes it was just a faint glow in the distance, other times very bright and clear, nonetheless it was almost always there. 


Oh, it was wild and weird and wan, and ever in camp o' nights
We would watch and watch the silver dance of the mystic Northern Lights.
And soft they danced from the Polar sky and swept in primrose haze;
And swift they pranced with their silver feet, and pierced with a blinding blaze.
They danced a cotillion in the sky; they were rose and silver shod;
It was not good for the eyes of man -- 'Twas a sight for the eyes of God.

- Robert Service


Go North?

    I miss the north, well deep forest, tall mountains and endless darkness and night sky. An endless darkness that in the summertime turns into and endless midnight sun. I think that some people just aren't fit to live in a city, well, large cities. Madison is growing on me (as I mentioned before), but I would be so happy if we would settle down somewhere close to the forests and the mountains, preferably in a cabin....in the woods. 


    Where do you belong?