In The Rearview Mirror 2017 pt. 3

Flashback Friday


    By July the garden, well the dill, had almost outgrown me. And the cucumber were growing like crazy. I had a hard time keeping up with the pickling of the beets and cucumbers. Fieldwork season was not over yet and I got to go to both Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park to help out W with fieldwork. I flew into Jackson, Wyoming and then we spent the rest of the time there either in The Tetons or in Yellowstone. We did a lot of hiking for fieldwork, and camping. But we also managed to get a couple of shorter hikes in, well as in about 13 miles. Back in Madison even more cucumber awaited for me, which meant more pickling. 


    A lot of things happened in August, more pickling for instance, of beets this time. And then the best thing about this year, my dad arrived. He brought l;sgodis as we call it in Swedish, or pick n mix candy which is the english term. We planned our trip through Yellowstone and then W went to a conference in Portland, Oregon. He was going to meet us up in Bozeman, Montana for our wedding, while dad and I drove from Madison all the way to Bozeman. We had very long days, but still managed to see a lot. The first night we camped in Badlands National Park, about 740 miles from Madison, and the longest day. Next day we drove all the way to Beartooth Pass (about 470 miles), which is out of this world too. What a landscape, and what a ride. We camped at a campground and managed to snag the second to last campsite in the afternoon. The next day we drove through Yellowstone National Park to finally arrive in Bozeman, Montana, about 160 miles later. We had a rest day or two and then we explored Yellowstone with W who finally arrived by plane. Then we had the wedding with friends and family in the mountains of Homestake Pass. After that we went on a short camping trip with friends and finally started the long way back to Madison. This time through the black hills and Mount Rushmore National Park. Once back in Madison we went north to another wedding and finally Chicago for the last day before dad got on a plane back to Sweden. I am pretty sure he had the time of his life, we sure did!


    Temperatures were still mild and even hot in September, and garden was still producing, a lot. We had some more short hikes, trail runs and mountainbike rides. All and all, a lot of September was actually kind of a recovery from everything we had done through July and August. We ate good and I baked a lot as usual.