In The Rearview Mirror 2018 pt. 1

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Flashback Friday


First quarter of 2018

    It is quite amazing that we are in 2019 now. I feel like, just as any year, that 2018 flew by. Since W was supposed to graduate in the summer of 2018 we knew we were going to move, just not to where. I spent a lot of time organizing my own research in the early parts of the year, and then this summer we moved to New York City. Quite a big transition, and it has been quite a rough transition for us. I also yet again had the opportunity to go back to Alaska, which you probably know how much I love. Fall went by fast, and after a trip up to Montreal and Adirondacks, Christmas was upon us. And now, the new year has already started.


    We celebrated Christmas and New years on Madison, WI, which is a bit rare. Usually we go back to Bozeman, MT, but we decided to stay this year. I spent quite some time up at Trout Lake, for two writing retreats, one with W right after New Years Eve and the other a bit later with the Stanley lab group at CFL. I did quite a bit of skiing, but not as much as I had hoped for. As January went by the snow kind of disappeared, but plenty of people had prime ice to do some ice skating on. We also introduced Tycho to David Attenborough’s Planet earth, and the boreal forest, as you can see he loved it.


    In February we returned to Trout Lake for yet another (my third) trip and this time with the Turner Lab. We did some more skiing, and once back in Madison we received more snow. Although that snow kind of disappeared pretty fast and we were once again hoping for more snow, which never arrived. I did some baking, the Swedish semla, to celebrate that specific day in Sweden. We made homemade Pizza and visited our favorite bar in Madison. I helped out with some soil experiments at work and worked on a manuscript for a leaf decomposition experiment, and before I knew it February was over.


    In March we started to realize that we were soon going to move and took the opportunity to finally travel up to Door County. We spent a couple of days there before heading back to Madison. Still old snow, and no new snow ever showed up (not enough to ski anyway). By this point it started to get pretty warm off and on. I took some pictures around our neighborhood. I baked more, of course and we celebrated the Swedish waffle day.