The Past and the Present

April 17th 2015

It's always nice to go through old pictures on the computer and realize how different the season called "spring" can turn out. Last year for instance we had a lot more snow during the wintertime and so it took a bit longer for the snow to melt away, compare to this year. 

These pictures below are from late March- mid April last year, I would say we are maybe one or two weeks ahead of last year right now.

And then here below are some from right around now:

Field work will probably begin pretty soon, although not personal fieldwork for me, just the regular baseline sampling to keep it simple. I don't know if I will start going out pretty soon or not, although I am usually not a big fan of leaving for field alone in early spring. Previous years we have been seeing quite a lot of bear activity so I assume this spring wouldn't be different. We have both black bears and grizzlies in the watershed so quite a spread of bears, and of course there is a pack of wolves that are running through the area from time to time too.