In The Rearview Mirror 2018 pt. 4

Flashback Friday


    A mild October arrived, and I used to take walks through Central Park every now and then. October is also halloween and it was so fun to see everyones halloween decorations. I was walking across Manhattan on Halloween and actually got delayed because of all the little kids doing their trick or treat. The sidewalk was packed, on both sides of the street. I have never seen anything like it, but I loved it. In October we also got a new kitty cat, Garvey, named after Marcus Garvey. He is a true East Harlem kitty, born on the streets and then eventually ended up with us. October also brought us up north for a wedding in Montreal. We are so close to Montreal and we took the car up there. On the way back we went on our first hike i New York and boy did it kick our ass. Once we got back we had more time to explore Riverside Park and other parts of the city.


    Temperatures were still pretty mild, but as soon as that sun dropped it turned icy cold. I still can’t understand that we actually do really live in New York City. It just sounds so bizarre and weird. When the beautiful fall colors finally arrived I went on a fall photo tour in Central Park with a friend. We had fika twice, because what Swede does not do fika? We got a light dusting of snow and the only Christmas feeling I got in November was when I volontered at the Swedish Church and their Christmas Market. I baked saffron buns and also ginger snaps from scratch with another Swedish friend I’ve met here.


    When you least expected it December had already arrived. I had bought a proper advent candle holder at the Swedish Church and finally celebrated all advents in proper style, with candle lit and fika. W and I went down to the most southern part of Manhattan and explored the Seaport District. We also went to Chinatown and as always when we come back from there we had an awesome dinner. Then my dad came for Christmas. We explored even more, we went to the Interpid Sea, Air and Space Museum, walked around East Harlem, upper East side and Central Park a lot. We walked around a bit in Brooklyn, Long Island City, Roosevelt Island, the Battery, Chinatown and Hells Kitchen. It’s quite amazing how large only Manhattan is. We even ventured out late at night to Times Square. This was unfortunately the very first Christmas I celebrated in the US without any snow on the ground.