In The Rearview Mirror 2018 pt. 3

Flashback Friday



    We managed to arrive to NYC on the hottest day of the year, 105F, which made it quite horrible moving in. I spent two nights in NYC before I was flying over glaciers towards the heart of the midnight sun. After a few days we finally landed in Nome, by the ocean, mountains and ancient muskoxen. What a fantastic place, but also with a dark side like many other Alaskan villages. I celebrated yet another 4th of July in Alaska, this time in Nome, and it was pretty much the same as the celebration back in Ester just outside of Fairbanks. We went and saw the famous train to nowhere and went walking along the ocean searching for old glass. On the way back to civilisation and NYC I had about 9hrs in Seattle. Got to spend time with W’s aunt and had a lovely dinner before continuing on my 24 hr long trip. Back in NYC the days literally blew by and soon August had arrived.


    August continued to be hot in New York, and humid. I am not even sure how I will survive next year, but this city gets too hot for me. We explored new areas, a Russian bar downtown was a pretty interesting and fun stop. We also discovered that despite being a city of so many people, you can find a lot of green space. There are a ton of community gardens all over the city. Tycho continued to struggle in the hot weather while I explored new areas. I went to a place called Rockefeller Park, and found a bunch of cool statues. We spend several times in Central park, drinking wine or beer and playing games. We walked the Brooklyn Bridge, discovered new areas in Brooklyn. We went to Chinatown and bought some seafood, and also explored neighborhood bars.


    By September we needed a break from the city and went to Pennsylvania and W’s grandma. A well needed break from the city. We went biking and explored parts of the area around her house. Back in NYC we went for runs, found new food, went to IKEA in Red Hook in Brooklyn and bought some awesome Ecuadorian streetfood from a food cart that we ate in a bar. We went and saw Paul Simons last show of his last tour in Flushing, Queens. I went and visited a new old friend in Long Island City. We went to the university in Uppsala together and now she has lived in NYC for a while. We also went to Princeton which is a beautiful little university town. Played more games in the park, walked the High Line and just had to walk into a bar named “the Trailer Park Lounge”.