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We got a battle in front of us

"I hope that the United States of America is not so rich that she can afford to let these wildernesses pass by. Or so poor that she cannot afford to keep them." - Margaret (Mardy) Murie

Wednesday Thoughts

    Sometimes this world makes me scared, scared that all this will somehow disappear, just like that. But as soon as I am out there I forget about all the worries of our free world, all I can think about are all of these massive wilderness places that are put aside for us, only us! This wilderness is ours, and we should prepare to fight for every last little bit of it from this government that don't seem to value these places as much as we do. 

One place where we can do this is at: Earth Justice

You can also take action on the climate agreement that the US is planning on pulling out from, on Earth Justice website, Take Action

Another depressing thing is that opening ANWR to drilling in 2018 will be one of the priorities in Drumps budget

You can read more about this long battle: War of the Arctic Oil


Again, I am sharing this powerful video about ANWR:

Driving on a Snowmachine trail?


Adventure Tuesday


    We celebrated this past Christmas in Bozeman. It has become our tradition, well maybe my new tradition. I have spent several Christmases in Bozeman and each year we always do something new. This year W's dad had booked a forest service cabin outside Butte, Montana. We went skiing in the morning and later on drove towards the cabin. When we got closer to the cabin the wind had created some pretty hardcore snow drifts at places, to the point where the snow drifts were becoming a hazard if you didn't have a truck, and even then. W's mom and dad were in a truck and W, his brother and I were in a Subi. It quickly became pretty hard to maneuver the car on these snow drifted roads so we decided that maybe it would be best/safest? if we all got in to the truck instead.


Snow Adventure

    We all started to unpack the car and moved everything over to the truck. We continued on the road, that now looked very very much snow covered, as in it didn't even really look like a real road anymore. I didn't feel good about this snow covered road but had graciously been given a first row spot for this adventure, the passenger seat. Probably to be sure that I could see the ditches along the side of the road. And, when I say ditches, I mean more of a hill on the side of the road. We got to a point where we decided that we should probably just walk the rest of the way. I had already put the coordinates of the cabin on google maps, but the cabin was not really close to where we were, it seemed to be way off of this road, which was weird because you were suppose to be able to drive right up to the cabin. W's mom and I started walking through the deep snow while the guys were going to turn around the truck, on this narrow road. Something I did not want to watch.


Cabin Hunt

    No sign of a cabin, and at this point I started to get grumpy. W had started walking towards us too now, with a big cooler in tow. But where was the cabin? All of a sudden W starts calling for us and it appears that they found the cabin. Down the hill on the side of the road, was a cabin. We had walked right pass it, that is how far away from the road it was, and this road we were on was most likely a snowmachine trail...whoops. We trekked back to the truck, got all the stuff back into the truck and again I was left with the passenger seat. You could feel the truck slip and slide to the sides, closer to the edge of the road and I was wearing sunglasses, closing my eyes behind them and hoping that we would not fall down the hill with the truck. Luckily W's dad is an excellent driver and finally we got back to the wrong turn. 


The Arrival

    We took the correct turn and drove a bit further. But this road was also looking sketchy because of all the snow drifts. W's dad and mom took the truck up to the cabin with all the gear and food, while we hiked instead. The road was passable, and when we got closer to the cabin W's dad had already turned around and was going to drive back and forth to the cabin a few times to make sure he made a good imprint in the snow so that we could get out the next day. He picked up W and his brother for some extra weight and I continued on to the cabin. 


Fleecer Cabin

    We had a great afternoon and evening at the cabin. It was nice to finally relax from all that adventuring we had been doing (well to me it was because I was a little frightened by the snow driving). The cabin has all amenities you can think of, a kitchen, bedrooms, a wood stove and even a flushing toilet and shower, cold shower of course. We started a fire in the wood stove as soon as we arrived at the cabin and while the fire started going we got all the gear in. We cooked food, read through the guest log, which is always so much fun, and had a beer or glass of wine while we digested the food in front of the wood stove. Later in the evening we had a bonfire outside before we all went to bed.


Getting Out!   

    The next morning we had planned on going for some hiking/ski adventures. We had breakfast and a pretty slow start to the morning. The wind had picked up during the night and the road was once again snow covered. At this point W's dad got a bit nervous, because we needed to drive quite far on this sketchy road we came in on, that already then was pretty much snow covered. And in a few minutes, we had decided to leave, like immediately. We decided that we were going to pack the truck, and then W's dad drove it out. We skied out, and it was so windy, and cold, but we finally arrived at the car we left the day before and started to drive out. The road was even worse than the day before and we had some sketchy passages but we all got out perfectly fine! The overnight trip had been a success with plenty of adventures, which is what I wanted so I was satisfied.


    Did you guys go on any adventures this Christmas?

In the Rearview Mirror pt.4


Flashback Friday

    My flashback Friday kind of disappeared last week, mostly because I was upset on so many different levels because of what is currently going on in the US. I'll talk more about that in another post, but if you are interested in some of my posts and my views you can check them out below: 


    Even though we started off on pretty good terms with the fall season by attending yet another wedding (in Florida none the least), fall quickly turned into a pretty dark ordeal for me. There were certainly many good times, but also my mom passed away in November, so we went to Sweden. What happened afterwards is apparently pretty common when someone close to you die, families tear apart a bit, and without going into more detail our family is not as close as we once were. Either way, Christmas came along and we had a wonderful time in Bozeman, MT. It's weird because I had been thinking about maybe, just maybe going back to Sweden for Christmas, I know that mom really wanted us to, but we didn't. We finished off December by going on a pretty adventurous cabin trip and also a trip to Yellowstone. 


    October started off good, but the temperatures, can we talk about the temperatures. 66F in October, incredible! You could definitely see some color changes on the trees though, it appears that fall in Wisconsin is very beautiful too. Im learning to appreciate our neighborhood, and there are these super pretty streets all around town, and sometimes you see pretty unexpected things, like the picture of Greta Garbo, just like that, hanging on a wall along one of the streets. When we went to Florida we actually went through 6 different states, including Wisconsin and Florida. We drove to Chicago which is in Illinois, and took the plane to New Orleans in Louisiana. Then drove through Mississippi, and Alabama before we finally reached Florida. Of course we tried fried alligator in New Orleans. Then Halloween happened and all of a sudden October was over. 



    November was pretty warm too, I mean compared to Fairbanks :) We had some beautiful mornings and evenings with magical light. When mom died I received so many cards, and flowers from people and W was doing his best to keep me from falling apart. He made sushi for me, we had mussels, twice in a week! I kept myself busy at work, and we went hiking. At the end of November we traveled to Sweden and had some wonderful days there too, even though parts of the trip was completely horrible. Dad took us to the opera to see the Swedish take on the Nutcracker, and it was the first time W got to spend time in the same lounge area as the king and queen usually does, he was impressed! 

    A family friend wrote this beautiful text about my mom, in Swedish:

Du, min vän i livet.
Du var en av de som såg mig, som tog till sig av saker jag sa.
En av de som gav mig trygghet. 
En av de som alltid ställde upp.
En av de som alltid svarade i telefonen när som helst.
Du har lyssnat när jag sjungit,
Du har läst mina dikter,
Du har berömt mig när jag ritat och skissat,
Jag har varit vaken sent på kvällar då vi setts och suttit och pratat om ditt och datt, om allt möjligt. 
När jag var hos dig som yngre fick jag alltid oboy, det var innan jag började dricka kaffe. 
Senast vi sågs drack jag vin, man kan säga att tiden gått sen jag var liten.
Jag vet att du alltid trott på mig, 
De har du även visat.
På midsommar ett år utnämnde jag dig som "extramamma", den titeln har stått kvar sedan dess.
Vi har skrattat, vi har gråtit, vi har haft många fina stunder.
Nu är det minnen, 
Minnen jag bär med mig för resten av livet,
Det kommer bli tungt utan både dig och bullpojken,
Idag både nynnar och sjunger jag
"Här Rosemarie, syns blåa Nämdöfjärden",
En av de sånger jag minns och tänker på dig. 
Jag älskar dig Rosie❤️



    Moms funeral was December 2nd, and after that I had yet another week in Stockholm. My mom used to work at the open air museum Skansen before she retired, and we went there with dad. After W left I was cleaning out all my boxes I still had at home, old boxes with lots of memories from the best of friends. Then I flew back to my new home, over here in the US. There are still so many things I have at home in Sweden, and I have no clue how I am suppose to get everything over here, time will tell. Madison got really cold in December, we had quite a few days of below 0 F. We left for Bozeman on Christmas day, and had a great time there. Skiing, skiing, skiing. We also went to Yellowstone, of course, and did some skiing there as well. 


    How was the last quarter of the year for you?

On the Road


Adventure Tuesday

On the Road

    This Christmas we have been on the road quite a bit. Not traveling super far, but far enough to be on the road for several hours. We went to a forest service cabin just outside Butte, we also went to Yellowstone National Park, and just recently to a ski place called Maverick Mountain. The best things about traveling by car is that you get to see so many different areas, and beautiful nature scenes, Oh and mountains, endless supply of mountains. 


Big Sky Country  

    I feel like I can never get enough of sunsets and mountains. Montana is just so beautiful! Definitely Big Sky Country! If you have never been to Montana before, I definitely recommend you to go. Not only do you have great access to Yellowstone National Park, but also Glacier National Park, along with many National Forests along the way.


    Do you have a favorite country, state or alike that you just can't get enough of?